Behind every innovation lies a technology, and behind every technology are people who make it happen. It is our commitment to give rise to and empower those who work towards building a better world.

Our Story

Silkwise was founded in 2020 with the vision to build a recruitment service that offers better, faster, and smarter solutions to career seekers and employers.

Working as top recruiters, the founding members of Silkwise strongly believed that people and businesses were in need of recruitment professionals who were transparent, authentic, and truly passionate about supporting them to achieve their long-term growth. Silkwise was born as a recruitment firm that embodies this belief, and is continuously exploring possibilities to better serve people, businesses, and society today.

Our Values

We believe in “People First”, our company motto that always reminds us that we are here for people. Along with this principle, we abide by these core values.

Practice Integrity & Transparency

Stay true to people and always perform pure professionalism and ethics. It's our top priority to pursue what is best for each candidate and client with integrity and transparency.

Inspired Community

Create a community of motivated professionals who challange the status quo and empower one another. As a company and individuals, be the source of inspiration for people — share success and give back.

Embrace Our Differences

Build a safe, trusted world where people create values and grow together regardless of their differences. It is important to us that we ensure everyone fair chances and give a sense of belonging in the environment we make.

Powerful Performance

Achieve and deliver optimal results with agility and speed. We are proud that our superior performance is one of the things that make us different.

Better Than Yesterday

Curiosity to learn and ambition to be better than yesterday are valued at Silkwise. We continuously seek ways to improve our services and better serve our customers and the society.

Come Work with Us

We are looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help professionals and organizations find the best opportunities.

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