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At Silkwise, we connect job seekers and global organizations in technology hiring for permanent roles in Japan. Our career strategists find the right opportunities that truly fit your goals and needs, supporting you to advance your career onward.

Why Silkwise?

Life-changing Opportunities at Global Organizations

From innovative startups to well-established companies, we work with the best-in-class global tech organizations. Silkwise’s career strategists cultivate and maintain strong partnerships with these employers, allowing you to gain access to exclusive job openings before they are made available to the market.

Diligent Assessment & Insights

Take advantage of abundant resources and insights provided by Silkwise to carefully assess your potential employers and opportunities. Upon due diligence with your career strategist, you will be well-informed to make a better and wise decision.

Powerful Guidance for Success

With 1-on-1 sessions that are tailored just for your needs and goals, we support you from start to finish. Learn must-have techniques ranging from resume writing to interviews with your career strategist and enhance your strengths to present the best version of yourself in the career development processes.

Personal Negotiator & Mediator

Let your strategist speak for you. We negotiate the offer on your behalf by representing your interests and needs until you reach an agreement so you can arrive at your next workplace satisfied.

Lasting Partnership Built on Trust

As the partner of job hunting and career coaching, we thrive to build a long-lasting relationship with you. At any point in your career, whether you are looking for a job or not, we are always prepared to support you to reach your future goals.

Attention & Awareness

We take pride in being honest and transparent to create a trusted relationship with you. Your partner strategist prioritizes your experience to ensure a stress-free and delightful job hunting, as well as providing personal attention and emotional support that you deserve during your transition.

Your Journey With Silkwise


EP 1 : Get a Consultation

After you have submitted your resume, our career strategist gets in touch with you shortly. Schedule a free consultation and share anything on your mind from challenges with your current employers to future career goals. Your strategist first identifies your needs and makes suggestions on opportunities that meet your expectations.


EP 2 : Plan Next Moves

Explore and assess job openings from our wide catalog using all resources and insights prepared by us. With your strategist, you might find a perfect opportunity for you that is pleasantly surprising. There are no commitments required when there isn’t a suitable path to pursue right away — we will constantly be on the lookout for the next big opportunities that you’ll truly be thrilled for.


EP 3 : Prepare for Applications

When you find a job that is appealing to you, let’s get started with your application. Your strategist supports you through the application process from resume writing to interview rehearsals, providing constructive feedback and advices in each steps.


EP 4 : Win the Interviews

At this point, you are ready to show up to the interviews with confidence. It is your moment to shine with all the preparations you’ve done with your strategist. As you go through the application process, you’ll be given timely updates and supports to achieve the best possible outcome.


EP 5 : Accept the Offer

Congratulations, you’ve got an offer! Silkwise will assist you as your personal negotiator to discuss the terms including salary with your future employer. We also provide the best practices for your resignation from the current employers so that you can move onto your next workplace on good terms.


EP 6 : Enjoy Smooth Onboarding

We follow through with you for any last-minute needs until the very end of the application process. Preparing documents for employment or managing onboading schedules, you can count on us to facilitate your smooth transition. Our partnership will always stay here to help with your future endeavors.


No, we are always here to help! Let’s start a conversation even if you are not ready to change jobs yet.

As a job seeker, it’s compeletely free to work with Silkwise. No hidden fees.

The entire process can take two to eight weeks depending on the employer and position you apply for. Usually, employers require three or four interviews with you before they will make a decision.

Applying for jobs with Silkwise means you save a lot of time by letting us handle your researching and scheduling. Furthermore, working with Silkwise’s career strategists often results in discovering pleasantly surprising opportunities for candidates, expanding their expectations and possibilities.

Silkwise currently focuses on permanent job opportunities in the technology industry.

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