Personal Information Protection Policy

Silkwise K.K. provides executive search and recruiting services in Japan. In operating its business, Silkwise therefore must handle a great deal of personal information concerning candidates, clients, and employees. We collect the necessary information required to best complete our business purpose and to best support our candidates and clients. This information includes private information such as contact information, addresses, career history, company information, resumes, and statistics regarding career achievements and results.
Silkwise will obtain personal information only through legitimate and appropriate means. Silwise will not provide any personal information of any individual to a third party without the consent of that individual. In handling personal information, Silkwise will make efforts to ensure that the individual who has provided the information shall be properly involved in the handling process, and to keep the personal information accurate and updated to the extent possible.
From time to time, in order to best represent your profile and marketability, we may make aesthetic improvements to resumes or related documents, but at no time will we alter or intentionally misrepresent your personal information.

Silkwise, as a company, commits to meeting its responsibility in protecting personal information.

Silkwise fully commits to strict observation of and compliance with the guidelines of the Japanese privacy laws and Data Protection Act. We are a fully licensed agency by the Japanese Ministry of Labor (License Number 13-ユ-312997). We utilize the up to date technology for the protection of data, and are continually reviewing our process and procedures to assure that our protection is adequate.


Please contact “” for any inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, and for requests regarding personal information for notice of purpose of use, or disclosure, correction, addition or deletion or discontinuation of use, erasure or discontinuance of provision to a third party.


When applying for and using the Recruitment Consulting Service provided by Silkwise, please carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) below.

Provision of Service

Silkwise will, in its sole discretion, provides candidates with the appropriate service selected from the following:

• Verifying information submitted from candidates to recruiting requirements received from Employers (clients), as well as provision of employment information based on the results of verification.
• Scouting candidates judged to best suit the recruiting requirements received from Employers.
• Carrying out job application procedures.
• Consulting by telephone or interview.
• Supporting recruitment activity by a professional consultant/career strategist.
• Any other service Silkwise deems beneficial to the career move of candidates.

The Recruitment Consulting Service will be offered continuously as far as we judge the candidate has the intention to continue career move activity and a job offer to match the candidate can be expected to emerge. If a candidate requests termination of the Recruitment Consulting Service, it will be terminated as soon as reasonably possible.

Accuracy of Personal Information

Candidates shall provide, to Silkwise and Employers, accurate and complete personal information. In the event personal information provided by the User proves inaccurate or insufficient, and an Employer or any third-party objects, demands, or makes requests due to the inaccuracy or insufficiency, the User must handle the conflict with their own responsibility and expense, and must indemnify Silkwise against any resulting issues.

Submission of Documents

Candidate shall, when requested by Silkwise, timely submit documents as follows:

• Documents indicating name, address, etc., that can verify the candidate’s identity.
• Any other document an Employer reasonably requests for submission.


Silkwise will verify information submitted by candidates against recruiting requirements received from Employers but cannot provide information on the standards or reasons for its assessment. Also, even if we receive an application request from a candidate for a certain job offer, after reviewing the selection criteria indicated by the Employer and evaluating the degree of conformance to that job offer, Silkwise may, in its sole discretion, decide not to introduce the candidate to the Employer, or may notify the candidate of the lack of conformance to the job offer on behalf of the Employer.

Conditions of Employment

Silkwise will, on confirming the employment conditions or any details of the contract with the Employer, provide the candidate with such information upon request. However, it is the candidate’s responsibility to directly confirm the employment conditions and any details of the contract before agreeing to the employment conditions. Candidates acknowledge and accept that employment conditions as notified by Silkwise may not be identical to the final details of the contract with the Employer.

Prohibited Matters

User are prohibited from the following:

• Use of information obtained through Silkwise beyond the purposes of career move activity, or disclosure or leakage of such information to any third party without consent from Silkwise.
• Directly contacting, attending interviews for selection, or accepting any offer of employment from an Employer introduced by Silkwise without notice to and consent from Silkwise.
• Failure to attend interviews and screening tests without prior notice, or declining, without a legitimate reason, an accepted official job offer after assent.
• Conduct any form of action that infringe Silkwise property in any shape or form of copyright, content, logos, artwork, photographs, confidential details, business information, privacy, and all of the intellectual property rights.
• Violations of any law or ordinance, public order, or morality.

Silkwise acts as a partner to our clients, and not a division of our client, therefore we cannot take any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by candidates due to loss of employment, unfair employment practices or any mistreatment by our client.

Silkwise endeavors to provide information as accurately as possible on this website. We make no promise or guarantee, either express or implied, to the accuracy of this information. We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage, resulting from belief in the statements or content on this website. We cannot guarantee the security of our corporate website or any website that may be linked to this website. We do not guarantee this site to be harm free and cannot take any responsibility for any damages or loss to the visitors of this website. Silkwise reserves the right to alter, update or change the content of this site without notification.

Any matter not stipulated herein shall be settled by good-faith discussion, in accordance with Japanese law, between the candidate and Silkwise.