August 26, 2021

How to write an English resume?

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Since day one of job seeking until current, everyone have had their fair share of developing their version of a resume. While it may be time consuming hassle for some, others tend to stress over where to start to how much information should be inputted into it. That is why this article is to help provide some insights into it.

Let’s first look at who is going to be the lucky audience that will be reading your resume when you apply for the job at the leading company in their respective field. When it comes to large organization, most of the time the HR will reviewing your resume then the Hiring Manager. As for a small to mid-size organization occasionally your resume would be directly shared to the Hiring Manager.

Most of the hiring representatives from HR to the Hiring Manager, they are always occupied with their daily workload. The HR is either overflow with interview meeting to other due diligent and the Hiring Manager have their main job to handle. What this means is that your resume should be short and concise to help them evaluate your job application at ease.

Your resume should be separated into 5 sections in the following orders: Personal & Contact Information, Summary, Professional Experience, Education, and Skills & Certifications.

Personal & Contact Information

This section should include your full name in big letter and contact information on the side, all located on top of the page.

Patrick Yamamoto
Mobile: +81-(0)80-1234-4321
Address: 1 Chome-5-8 Jingumae, Tokyo 150-0001


This section will summarize all of your career experience into one, usually it is a where people tends to over write their entire story and that is not the approach to take. The best approach is to keep a 5-bullet points rule, 6-bullet points maximum.


  • +10 years experience as the Business Development Manager, Global Account Manager, and Account Executive in the IT industry.
    (Positions you take part in)
  • In-depth experience with hi-touch sales, developing GTM strategy, partner relationship management, and CxO-level engagement in both global and Japan market.
    (Main Objective and Expertise)
  • Familiar with large complex project dealing with major manufacturing and automotive industries client.
    (Other areas you are familiar with that is not main objectives)
  • Products/Services coverage includes enterprise business application, automation solution, cloud computing, and infrastructure.
    (Products/Services you experience with, having real name of the products helps)
  • Native in Japanese and business-level in English.
    (Language Ability)

Professional Experience

This section will have the longest content out of all of the section in your resume, since it will include all of the positions and companies you have been involve with. Keep in mind that the top part of your Professional Experience should be from the most recent to the least. There should be the organization you work in, job title, duration of employment, and lastly the details. The details should be clear and concise.

Stark Enterprise

Business Development Manager   Jun 2019 – Present
  • Responsible as the Business Development Manager for driving GTM motion covering process automation solutions to major automotive industry.
    (Primary Objective)
  • Clients: Nisson, Toyata, Handa, BWM
    (What account you are working with?)
  • Accelerate the Japan and global automotive clients with major IT transformation project to enhance the manufacturing process.
    (Other Objective?)
  • Strategize on promotion strategy with marketing team to increase awareness of the solutions to clients.
    (Other Objective?)
  • Highlight:
    • Achieved major license deal with BWM (FY20: USD100.0M)
    • Achieved major license deal with Toyata (FY19: USD100.0M)
    • (Keep in mind the achievement in What/When/Who/Number amount in currency or percentage%)

Tyrell Solutions

Global Account Manager Jan 2015 – May 2019
  • Responsible as the Global Account Manager for managing major manufacturing clients on the global scale for enterprise business application.
    (Repeat the Process)

Professional Experience

The Education section should be straight forward it should include the academic institution, degree, major, and the date of enrollment to graduation.


University of Japan

Bachelor’s degree in International Business  ,  Mar 2004 – Mar 2007

Skills & Certifications

This section should include a clear skillsets included here in bullet points, as for any form of certifications that you have officially attained you may want to include the name of the program and date of completion as you see fitting.