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Leader in infrastructure and web services provider in the area of cloud computing, networking, content delivery, database, analytics, application services, and more.

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Everyone in the relevant departments who share the goal of “customer success” cooperates, and we consult with each other even within the CSM team. The CSM team has members with various experiences, such as operating companies, SIers, consulting firms, Amazon, etc. in each industry, so if you talk to your colleagues, you can usually find a solution. In addition, opportunities are held regularly to share examples of what has gone well and what has not happened with the customers in charge, and there is a culture that we want to contribute to the success of all customers as a team. In terms of learning, various learning materials are prepared, and you can grow as much as you want depending on your motivation. In addition, the CSM team also designs and develops standard programs to propose to customers, and works not only with Japan but also with global volunteers. Meetings within the company and with customers are usually held from 9:00 to 18:00. You can flexibly choose where to work according to the circumstances of the customer and members, and there are many members who work from home. When you can meet other members in the office, it is also a fun time to go to lunch together.


  • The CSM is your advisor on your cloud journey. We leverage the expertise and experience of each CSM in project management, IT technology, organizational transformation, etc. to design cloud journeys that align with your business goals.
  • CSM drives your cloud journey. We quickly identify issues and risks in the customer’s cloud journey and propose countermeasures. While paying attention to the priority of these measures, we will create an overall plan with the customer and solve them one by one.
  • CSM is the leader in enabling customers’ cloud journeys. With the help of our colleagues in the company (sales, solution architects, support, development teams, professional services) and partners, we apply support programs and propose initiatives created by CSM individuals. Support programs include taking inventory of your systems and developing a migration strategy, diagnosing whether training in services is required, and workshops to experience system development using DevOps and Agile.
  • CSM contributes to the business by accelerating customers’ cloud journeys. Since it is a billing model that “pays only for what you use”, the progress of cloud utilization is a plus not only for customers but also for our business. In addition, because of the relationship of trust that CSM has built up with customers, we may consult with them about new projects such as cloud migration and utilization.



  • Business English for fluent communication and internal communication (mainly reading and writing) through Japanese
  • Experience with one or more of the following:
    • Lead IT system construction project
    • IT Consulting Project Lead
    • Lead customer value proposition activities


  • Experience in implementing or operating Cloud services in production systems
  • Certification of PMP or similar qualifications
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