Technical Account Manager – Automotive

Nagoya, Japan

About Company

An American privately held corporation that specializes in mathematical computing software. Its major products include MATLAB and Simulink, which support data analysis and simulation

Job Description

As a Technical Account Manager, you will establish yourself as a trusted advisor to the automotive company and its suppliers, which are some of the most strategic customers. By leading car manufacturer develops automotive systems through the use of Technical Computing and Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink with gaining a deep understanding of the customer’s workflow and business initiatives, your goal is to help the customer realize the improved business impact of using our solutions. Your industry knowledge and technical insights of the development of the automotive systems will enable you to establish trusting long-term relationships with the customer. You will provide guidance on best practices, direction on workflow improvements, and connections to other support teams.


  • Broaden Adoption of our products by building awareness, finding new users, increasing the proficiency of current users, and encouraging the reuse of customer IP/tools across the customer userbase to help them maximize their ROI
  • Deepen Adoption of our products by helping customers realize the benefits that comes from deepening tool usage and the reuse of artifacts throughout their product life cycle to help them reduce their development cost, thereby maximizing the ROI of what the customer already uses; also, identify and address further areas of improvement in the customer’s workflow
  • Develop and maintain long-term End User Relationships by providing excellent technical/customer service by identifying and removing issues that reduce customer product usage benefits
  • Establish Management Relationships by helping our customers have product/program success to become their premier solutions provider; this is accomplished by being a part of the customer’s business planning and playing a significant role in the formulation of solutions to customer’s issues
  • Support Sales with Senior & Strategic Relationships by delivering business value across our customer’s organization to become their foremost trusted advisor and strategic technology partner; this is accomplished by becoming an integral part of the customer’s business and aiding the development of executive relationships


  • A bachelor’s degree and 12 years of professional work experience (or equivalent experience) is required.
  • Working experience with automotive development processes
  • Working knowledge of Model-Based Design process and its implications for system development is a prerequisite
  • Direct experience with tools deployed in a production workflow
  • Ability to extract the technical challenges and their business impact
  • Highly motivated towards working directly with customers, showing strong business acumen
  • Ability to adjust communication style for executives and end users
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • English language skill
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